Vanity Guide to Penang


Penang is a very photogenic city in Malaysia. It has lovely architecture and some of the friendliest locals I have ever met. I have dubbed Malaysians, the “Canadians of SE Asia” on account how how genuinely nice they are.

Thailand gets the “Land of Smiles” reputation but I don’t think it’s true or well-deserved at all. More on that in my epic Thailand post. This post is about how lovely Penang is.






First, accomodation. I had the misfortune of being stuck in the center of town which is a lot more expensive. For $30 a night I had a tiny room in a Heritage Building with a tiny bathroom and no view. The building is nice but the room is not:


Let me make it clear just what kind of traveler I am. I’m definitely not rich but I can’t sleep in a shitty room. I grew up poor, my parents are from Central America (Guatemala and El Salvador) and they grew up dirt poor. I grew up travelling to Central America every year so I am no stranger to shitty rooms.

So travelling to some new land to stay in a shithole isn’t an “adventure” for me. It’s more like a punishment because it reminds me of being a little kid and wondering why there are roaches everywhere and why the shower is so cold. Not fun. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m 35 and make a decent living now, I deserve a bit better.

My recommendations are for people who don’t need to be a 5-star hotel, but need something mid-range that is spacious, clean, with good design, and a nice bathroom where the shower is separate from the toilet. Also a nice view would be preferred but if the room is nice enough, I can deal with a sub par view. I am very specific about what I like.

I hated that room immediately. I know what I like and what I don’t like, so I was quite upset over paying that much for a room like that.

I booked an air bnb for the next 2 nights at a roomier 1920’s building outside the center in Bangkok. The room is also cheaper. 800 baht.

Bangkok is a lovely part of town full of Heritage houses. The entire neighborhood is made up of buildings from the 20s. It is really beautiful and a walk around that area is quite scenic.

I’m booking the exact same air bnb for my trip next week. That’s how much I liked it. So if that price range is good for you, I highly recommend staying there.


There is a lot of talk about how amazing the food in Penang is. Since I’m a vegan, my eperienexperience of the food was a bit different. I had been looking up restaurants


Fuck Twitter

I was banned from twitter for calling out some scumbag for being a slut-shaming creep who does not acknowledge the importance of consent. Apparently warning other women to block him counts as harassment even though I was the one being harassed!

I don’t think the scumbag I blocked was the one who reported me. It was some Bangkok twitter troll who gets off on harassing women online since women in real life find him repulsive because he is. This can apply to many males who are on twitter I suppose.

But being banned for using twitter for 7 days was the kick I needed to stop using that cancerous site. I have been extremely disenfranchised with twitter for awhile now. I already deleted the app from my phone several weeks ago and was limiting the time I spent on that site since it’s gone from a place to share ideas and information, to a place to react to dumb shit that the elite want you to react to so they can continue to rape the earth of all resources.

It was a distraction and not a very entertaining one. Fuck reacting to the elite. I want to react to forward-thinking ideas that well get me the fuck out of this hellhole.

Wherever we are now, whatever you want to call this dimension, this time and space, this is now how things are supposed to be. There has to be more.

The Feed will be a place to explore the possibilities of a world where technology and nature coexist, where people live in peace and share ideas. Where the internet exists to inform and enlighten. Where voices are heard equally and aren’t amplified by power corporations.

Fuck corporations. Fuck the elite. Time for the people to take back the power.

I don’t know how to program so as much as I’d love to create my own social media site, I don’t have the ability to do that.

But I can type and post shit on wordpress, so that’s what I’ll do until I get The Feed up and running on its own.

I welcome other contributors to The Feed. There will be a focus on art, local news, travel, and healthy, informed debates on how to improve ourselves and society.

Enjoy diablos!

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